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Used Symbolics Lisp machines wanted

I picked this up off a news group (posted today).

I hope everyone remembers that the seller has to ascertain that
they buyer is paying Symbolics for a license transfer fee and, if
not, the seller *must* remove all Symbolics code (binary, source,
worlds) before delivering the equipment.

>From: Geoff Goodfellow  (geoff@fernwood.MPK.CA.US)
>Newsgroups: ba.market
>Subject: Used Symbolics LISP machines wanted.
>Followup-To: poster
>Message-ID: <1917@fernwood.MPK.CA.US>

>Mike Wahrman at deGraf/Wahrman, Inc at 213-278-2135 is looking to purchase
>used Symbolics machines.  If you have any you'de like to unload, please
>give him a call.  Thanks.