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INLINE declarations

Does the L/G-machine CommonLisp compiler support
INLINE declarations? The following examples seem
to indicate no. If you compile them and then
disassemble them you will see that the calls to
map and bar are not inline expanded. I know that
CLtL allows a compiler to ignore the INLINE
declarations but I always thought that Symbolics
supported them. Am I doing something wrong?

(defun FOO (x)
 (declare (inline map))
 (map 'list #'(lambda (y) (1+ y)) x))

(defun BAR (x)
 (1+ x))

(defun BAZ (x)
 (declare (inline map bar))
 (map 'list #'bar x))

(defun QUUX (x)
 (declare (inline bar))
 (loop for y in x collect (bar y)))