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laserwriters, aka LGP2s.

    Date: Fri, 15 Sep 89 15:38:20 EDT
    From: gavan@cmx.npac.syr.edu (Gavan Duffy)

    Help.  I'm about to purchase a printer.  I've used LaserWriter IINTs
    before, but never a LaserWriter IISC.  The later is $1500 cheaper, so
    I'm inclined to buy one of them.  However, do they work as LGP2s?  Are
    they infinitely slower?  Should I save the money by buying a LaserWriter
    IISC or should I pay the money and get an NT?

I don't think the LW IISC uses Postscript, it uses Quickdraw, so the
Symbolics LGP2 formatting code won't know how to work with it.  Also,
does it have an RS-232 port, or just a SCSI port?