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Screen Hardcopy under program control?

    I want to be able to hardcopy the screen (equivalent of Function Q)
    under program control.

It seems you've gotten plenty of advice already. Here's a bit more.
My experience is that screen images are the most likely kinds of
output to wedge the Symbolics printing software. The same function
mentioned by others in response to your question can be used to dump
the screen image to a file for later printing. See below. 

-- Bud Frawley 

1; --------------------------------------------------------------------

; Writes a Post Script file describing the present state of the screen.

0(defun 2copy-screen-to-file0 (&optional (file (gensym)))
  (setq file (merge-pathnames file "bud:screens;screen-dump.ps"))
  (hci::hardcopy-window tv:main-screen :printer (list :file file :lgp2))