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It's Alive

    Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 11:23:04 EST
    From: bouma@cs.purdue.edu

	Why is it that when I make changes to the NAMESPACE some of the
    machines don't notice? For instance, one machine on the network went
    away, and we got another (unix machines), so I edited the namespace
    appropriately. But some of the machines still list that deleted machine
    as a dead connection in PEEK on NETWORK? Rebooting does not help, but
    Reset Network gets rid of it until the next time I reboot.

I assume that the host that has been deleted is an IP gateway.  Gateways are
listed in the Interfaces section of the Internet information in the PEEK
Network screen.  In 7.2, the code that finds gateways is only run at boot time
and network reset time.  When it is run at boot time, it quite often does not
find any changes.  In 7.4, there is a later check that makes sure the gateways
are up to date.  This check is also run after :Reset Network in 7.4.

	How is it that all the lisp machines know about the new machine I
    added, but some still think the one I deleted is out there? Is info
    cached in a world file overriding the present namespace? Does this
    behavior conform with the way the namespace works, or it is a local
    bug in our system?

If the host is a gateway, it is cached by IP in 7.2.

	A few days ago I logged into a freshly booted machine as 
    LISP-MACHINE. I then edited and attempted to save a file. Instead
    of saving the file, the machine writes, "Who are you really?"!

That is because the user object for LISP-MACHINE has a type of DAEMON that
designates it as a non-real user.