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G206 and G208

    Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 08:46 EDT
    From: pan@athena.pangaro.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Pangaro)

    Can anyone explain that difference in flod files? Documentation says
    something about a machine using "either one" but not why, whether they
    are exclusive to a given machine, whether they can be swapped, etc.

Flod files are always named after the version of the FEP PROM that they
are compatible with.  If you have version 206 PROMs, you should use G206
flods.  If you have G208 PROMs you should use G208 flods.  The Show
Machine Configuration command will tell you which FEP version you have.

Version 208 PROMs came out when the 3630 ColorStation was introduced; a
new PROM was needed to support machines with no monochrome monitor.
While they were at it they threw in a few other goodies, most notably
the "autoboot" feature, which will automatically run FEP0:>autoboot.boot
whenever the machine is powered up.