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Re: Printing to a Laserwriter II NT

  I have a problem with hardcopying a file to an Apple Laserwriter II NT: 
  the file is printed backwards (last page first).  I already figured 
  out that it is caused by the value of the instance variable
  prints-backward in the hardcopy stream.  I couldn't figure out how I
  have to install the printer in the namespace so that it would print in
  the correct order (there is no field prints-backward).  Right now, it
  is installed as an LGP2.  Any help will be appreciated.

  Andreas Girgensohn

Try the code that follows. It does modify (actually adds incrementally
to the) behavior of a system function. I suggest you load it from your
lispm-init or something similar - if the problem gets fixed in a
future release, you can just forget this.

Hope this helps.


;;; -*- Syntax: Zetalisp; Mode: LISP; Base: 10;  Package: LGP; Lowercase: Yes -*-
;;; LGP2 hardcopy stream interface.  LGP protocol knowledge.

;;; The before method is added to reverse the printing of pages on the
;;; postscript printers to make it print forwards.

(defmethod (:send-page-buffers lgp2-page-buffering-stream :before) ()
  (setq hci::print-backwards nil))