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Re: [Newsgroup interface]

    Date: Mon, 25 Sep 89 14:31 EDT
    From: welty@lewis.crd.ge.com (richard welty)

    From: IANNUCCI@ibm.com (Robert Iannucci)
      Has anyone constructed an interface to the UNIX newsgroup database
      ('readnews' and 'rn' are the equivalent interfaces on a UNIX box) for
      Genera?  I am considering doing this, but would like to know what exists
      before I begin.  Any pointers appreciated.

    i am currently maintaining a NNTP-based newsreader that runs
    under Genera 7.2.  This news system presumes that there is
    a Unix box running as a NNTP news server on site; no files are
    kept on the local lispm file system.

    it's slightly buggy; i'm trying to get a solid system together to
    ship to a few sites, but it isn't likely to go out very soon.
    i can send no-warranty copies out, though.

    richard welty
    richard welty    518-387-6346, GE R&D, K1-5C39, Niskayuna, New York
    ...!crdgw1!lewis.crd.ge.com!welty            welty@lewis.crd.ge.com

I'm running one here by C. I. Connolly, which has been extensively hacked
locally.  I'd be happy to put it somewhere ftpable if you are interested. It
also depends on a UNIX NNTP box. It has both a window and mail interface
(you can set it up so news in interesting newsgroups are periodically mailed
to you, or use a window system similar but different from rn).