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[Newsgroup interface]

From: IANNUCCI@ibm.com (Robert Iannucci)
  Has anyone constructed an interface to the UNIX newsgroup database
  ('readnews' and 'rn' are the equivalent interfaces on a UNIX box) for
  Genera?  I am considering doing this, but would like to know what exists
  before I begin.  Any pointers appreciated.

i am currently maintaining a NNTP-based newsreader that runs
under Genera 7.2.  This news system presumes that there is
a Unix box running as a NNTP news server on site; no files are
kept on the local lispm file system.

it's slightly buggy; i'm trying to get a solid system together to
ship to a few sites, but it isn't likely to go out very soon.
i can send no-warranty copies out, though.

richard welty
richard welty    518-387-6346, GE R&D, K1-5C39, Niskayuna, New York
...!crdgw1!lewis.crd.ge.com!welty            welty@lewis.crd.ge.com