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About CLOS

 I am a MS student of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
in Computer Science Department at KAIST in Seoul.
 I have a great interest in CLOS. I am now implementing CLOS according to
the CLOS specification which was published to SIGPLAN NOTICES Volume 23.
That is very helpful to me but I have noticed that 
there is not enough information on the spec. of generic function & method.
According to the syntax of `defgeneric` or `defmethod`,
The `function-specifier` is required to be `symbol` or `(setf symbol)`
but I can't find description of the effect when `(setf symbol)` is selected
by user.

  1. Please, Let me know whether there is another documentation about this 
	problem. and if it is available. send it to me.

  2. I wonder if new version of CLOS Doc. has been published recently.
	if it has, please, send it to me.

  3. I want to know email/postal address of Richard P. Gabriel.
	Is it available?

  4. Also, I want to know about implemented system of CLOS. 

 Do I have too many requist?
If you needed, bill me please.
Thanks in advances. I am looking forward to your flavor.

					Sincerely yours
					Donghyeon Lee
Postal address :
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
Department of Computer Science, KAIST,
P.O.Box 150, Cheongryang, Seoul,
130-650, Republic of Korea.

E-mail address :