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Request for info on color printers and plotters

    Date: Mon, 25 Sep 89 13:15 EST
	  Academic Computing)

    Bowdoin College is currently planning a fairly advanced graphics system
    for environmental sciences research. The system will be based on a Mac IIci
    and medium-resolution monitor. We will need as much of a color printer
    and plotter as we can afford, and I'd appreciate hearing from any of
    you about your own opinions, experiences, and perhaps advice about
    other on-line lists I should query.

    So far, all I have collected is a strong set of recommendations that
    QMS and SEIKO have the best color printer hardware, but I don't have
    specs on anything.

    100 dpi resolution is probably more than we need -- we really need only
    to match the monitor resolution, which may in the 600 dpi range. I'm not
    yet familiar with paper widths, but we haven't come up with a need
    for anything more than 12" - 15".

    Thanks for your help!

    Pete Miller                             Manager of Academic Computing
    BITNET: PMILLER@BOWDOIN                               Bowdoin College
    (207) 725 3785                               Brunswick, ME 04011  USA

We are using a Tektronix 4693RGB color printer for our Symbolics.  The
resolution is 300 dpi and it can be used with any standard RGB signals
such as Sun, Silicon Graphics, Symbolics, etc.  Tektronix makes a
similar color printer for the Mac.  I am very impressed with this machine
and it is only ~$8000.