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Re: Consulting Catalog


I think this is a terrific idea, and would like to add my

1) That SLUG not attempt to screen membership in the catalog, but
instead, insist on detailed listings to include descriptions of
experience.  Caveat emptor.

2) That a volunteer coordinator/publisher (such as yourself) be
selected by the Board.

3) That SLUG clearly state that this information is self-reported by
the consultants and is therefor not validated or approved.  If a
consultant wishes to deceive or list information that his/her clients
disagree with, SLUG can't be responsible.

4) That potential consulting service users be highly encouraged to
talk with several previous clients, other references, and known users
such as SLUG officers, before using their services.

5) Perhaps there should be some voluntary standards, or some
established cooperation with Symbolics Consulting Services in this

- MDG -