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Consulting Catalog

    Date: Thu, 14 Sep 89 9:27:18 EDT
    From: scubed!rd1632!alr@harvard.sri.com

    I haven't gotten any replies to this yet, so maybe it never successfully
    made it out on the SLUG mailing list.  I'm trying again.


    It seems to me that there are many potential or new Symbolics users
    that need consulting and are not aware of the individual consultants

    As users and consultants, a sub-group within SLUG feels that there is
    much to be gained by knowing about each others' expertise, and that SLUG
    can help market our services to those who need consulting.  The emphasis
    is on cooperation in helping network about opportunities.  By improving
    the consulting community's strength we breed confidence in our clients,
    which helps Symbolics, which in turn helps us.

    Therefore, I propose:

    A SLUG Consulting Catalog!

    This would be a catalog maintained by SLUG that keeps track of
    consultants that are available.

    It isn't clear whether we should impose criteria for being included:
    track record, years with Symbolics machines, etc.  However, we must
    insist on strong references, that maybe SLUG should check out first.  In
    any event, we certainly need enough information in the listing so that a
    potential client can have a good idea if the consultant can actually
    perform as advertised.

    Bios should include the following information:

    1. Number years experience on Lisp Machines (Symbolics, TI, LMI, CADRS, etc).

    2. Major Projects worked on.

    3. Specialties (Prototyping, Graphics, System Internals, Porting, System Design etc).

    4. Other Languages experience (C++ etc).

    5. References from clients that would be willing to discuss your performance.

    6. Educational Background.

    7. Contact Information.

    Let me know what you think and I will post a summary to the SLUG list.
    It seems to me that this is an excellent activity for SLUG, in that it
    helps both users and Symbolics.

    Andrew L. Ressler

Yes, we should have a SLUG consulting catalog.  

We should also have a third party sw/hw catalog.  I saw one about four years ago
and haven't seen one since.  The local Symbolics office told me that one
was being assembled but I never saw a final product.

Don Kaiser
Boeing Advanced Systems