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Request for MacIvory Information

    I would like some information on how a MacIvory compares to a 3645.

    	1) How big of a performance difference is there?
    	   a) How does ART perform on a MacIvory?
           b) What is disk access like?
           c) Any thing else you can think of that may be applicable.

    	2) What MacIvory configuration is comparable (or nearest) to a 3645?
           a) Can a MacIvory be used in a Mac IIcx, or only in a II/IIx?
           b) What is the suggested Mac configuration?

     	3) What is the approximate cost? (rough estimate is good enough)
           a) What is the cost without the mac?
           b) What is the cost with a IIx? (and/or a IIcx)

    Howard Free

    Delco Electronics
    700 E. Firmin
    ATTN: Howard Free
    MS: 9159
    Kokomo, IN 46904-9005
    Phone: (317) 451-9978