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Domain Experts?

	I'm not sure whether this went out the first time since I had
some weird forwarding going on.  So to repeat the question.

	Are there any SLUG readers who have had experience with using
Symbolics machines as Domain Servers on the INTERNET?  We just had our
domain deligated to us (using a 3670 as the domain server) and are
having some problems getting things working properly.  The forward
domain appears to work somewhat (with the possible exception of replys
to requests for MX records), but the reverse domain is giving us fits.
I'd love to talk to someone who knows more about this than I do (which
at the moment ammounts to having read the Symbolics Documentation and
the relivant RFC's).
	I have a request in to our Software Support Center for help as
well, but due to the fact that they are NOT on the INTERNET its
difficult to deal with INTERNET specific problems.
	Thanks, G++