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	Mabry's reply to the recent message requesting help with
networking raises an issue I'd like to get some input from other people
on, Specifically (tcp:install-nic-host-table).  Our route to the NIC is
through at least two (possibly more) gateways (DREnet, NYSERNET, ....,
ARPANET).  Trying to get an update to the host table using
tcp:install-nic-host-table is usually a couple of weeks worth of
attempts since the process takes long enough that I'm almost guaranteed
an interruption of service somewhere near the end of it.  The question I
have is: Now that the ARPANET is being switched over to many separate
backbones, how many other people are having trouble using the RFC-811
protocols to snarf a copy of the host table.
	The funny part is that I can FTP (copy file) the table without
too much trouble, its just using the RFC-811 protocol that gives me
problems.  If I had the time to dig around into exactly what format the
811 protocol returns the file in, I suspect I could write something that
could use the hosts.txt file in the same way.