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Large Fonts

I am in need of a font family with large point sizes for displaying
output on a color console 3650.

We are using a large screen video projector to display the contents of
the color console for demonstration purposes.  The standard TV fonts
that are mapped to the character style families Swiss, Dutch, Fix, etc.
appear too small for comfortable viewing when projected on a large
screen (not to mention that they are also pretty small for everyday
use on the color console itself!).

I suppose the correct solution is a set of fonts designed specifically
for the color console (I have requested this from SGD).  Then, output
on the color console will have a better chance of looking the "same"
as output on the monochrome console.  In the meantime, does anyone
have any suggestions or possess a font family containing large point
sizes?  Is it possible to use the TeX fonts, convert them to bfd
files, and define character style mappings for them so that
with-character-style and friends would work?  Any other suggestions

Thankyou in advance.

Brian H. Anderson - Boeing Aerospace
phone: (206) 773-5142
usenet: {decvax,ihnp4}!uw-beaver!ssc-vax!bha
internet: ssc-vax!bha@boeing.com