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lisp->C case histories

I am compiling case histories of large lisp programs that were
translated into C. I am interested in things like:

	How large (lines or chars) lisp version was
	What the program did
	How long the translation effort took in person years
	Performance of resulting C version compared to lisp 
		faster? 	how much?
		smaller? 	how much?
		functionality? 	how much?
		commerciality?  how many more sold?
	  (i dont really think C will be on the `better' end of all
	   these metrics, but that's the prevailing wisdom ...
	   counter-examples WELCOME, one reason for survey)

I want to keep each case description short, more like an entry in a
matrix with 7+-2 slots. Suggestions for other slots would be welcome.

If there are interesting replies, I will compile and send back to
slug. Better yet, if someone has already done this -- seems like one
of the lisp vendors should have -- just send me a copy.

tnx, f