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Re: lisp -> C

In article <2639@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov> chunka@Andersen.COM (Chunka Mui) writes:
>One case study which you might be interested in is Inference's
>translation of ART to C from Lisp.  This case is especially
>interesting because, as I understand it, they did it twice.  The first
>time was some short of straight translation (which didn't work very
>well).  The second time was a complete rewrite (which seems to be
>working well).  Inference has been fairly open with us about time and
>space gains, so they might be able to help you.  

I believe they:
  1) tried to do a conversion to C which failed miserably.
  2) delivered a non-LISPM implementation on top of Lucid Common Lisp.
  3) took a real long time to develop a crippled C version (ART-IM)
     which looks suspiciously like CLIPS.

Eric A. Raymond  (raymond@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov)
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