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Correction: MacIvory File Copy

    Date: Fri, 20 Oct 89 13:27 EDT
    From: SUHLER@IBM.COM (Paul Suhler)
    Earlier I reported that toggling the Bundle bit made a copied Macintosh
    application executable.  That was actually irrelevant; it was closing
    and reopening the window containing the copy that did the trick.  The
    copy function in 7.4 does not update the Desktop file.  This has been a
    know deficiency and is presumably what the :Mode Macintosh in 8.0 fixes.
:Mode Macintosh doesn't have anything to do with this bug in MultiFinder.
Perhaps Apple's Mac OS release 7.0 will fix the bug in MultiFinder, since
it makes MultiFinder more of an integral part of the operating system and
less of a patched-in kludge.  That's only a guess, I don't know what
Apple's intentions are.

:Mode Macintosh specifies that the file being copied is a two-fork file
rather than a normal sequential file.  In fact copying without this
option, either specified explicitly or defaulted by the file copying
command you use, can never produce an executable Macintosh file, since
those files always have resource forks.