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    The delay that is relevant, however, is Symbolics' continuing lack of
    response. I am at a loss about how to respond. If their tactic is to
    wear SLUG down by lack of any reply, they are succeeding. The "bug
    tracking" issue, as we who correspond about it on a bi-monthly basis
    (Reza and myself, slug-board, interested parties), has again (after three
    years, within my personal history) gone bust. 

Though this issue has not "gone bust" inside Symbolics, I can understand
why you think it has!  We have taken an unconscionable amount of time in
responding to this acknowledged need.   It's nearly impossible to give a
reason that doesn't sound like an excuse, and I'm not going to try.  I
will only apologize and tell you that it is being worked on, albeit

    Having a reply within their own set timelines of the form, "We,
    Symbolics, do not care to provide such a service to users no matter what
    they think" would be far more polite, professional and responsible than
    the total lack of response (and hence respect for SLUG), and disregard
    for their own promised timeliness, that we are again being subject to.

Unfortunately, the only response for us to have given within our
timeline was that we were unable to meet our timeline.

    Anybody out their care? If you work for Symbolics, then let's see your
    concern translate into action.

We care.

    Fed up to here,

Hope to not keep feeding you,