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Cart tape in namespace?

How do you describe to the namespace editor a QIC-100 cartridge tape
drive as a peripheral on a host?  Is that the right name?  You know, the
Apple 40MB cartridge drive?  Well, Jamine's, but anyway.

When I do "Restore Distribution" to load the 7.4 sources into a
MacIvory, it says "No magnetic tape on MACIVORY."  O.K., I can see one
now, right in front of me, but no peripherals in the Host object
description.  HELP tells me the namespace editor wants a "global name
and zero or more global name -- token pairs," but I can't imagine what
global names I should use in a cart drive description.  (Also, when I do
give it a single global name, Namespace Editor greedily demands "one or
more" pairs anyway!  Go, trust a computer!)  The instructions on page
267 of the MacIvory "0 Site Operations and Administration" (thingy
number 999887) aren't adequate:  Used those names, but the namespace
editor still complained that I hadn't specified an interface type, and
Restore Distribution still didn't believe there was a mag tape in sight.
I figure it wants me to tell it a SCSI device number somehow.  What's
the trick?

And, yes, I submitted this question to customer-requests@symbolics.com
(Wednesday morning).