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Cart tape in namespace?

    Date: Thu, 26 OCT 89 18:28:49 PDT 
    From: PARK@CRVAX.SRI.COM (William Park)

    How do you describe to the namespace editor a QIC-100 cartridge tape
    drive as a peripheral on a host?  Is that the right name?  You know, the
    Apple 40MB cartridge drive?  Well, Jamine's, but anyway.

You don't need to describe it in the namespace. But you should know that
the machine caches which tapes are connected on the SCSI interface and
if you did connect (or maybe turn on) your tape after the machine has
booted, this cached information is out-of-date. 

You may force the machine to recompute the tapes by evaluating the form
(setf tape::*tape-drives-cached* nil) which forces it to recompute
these. And make sure your tape has a unique SCSI address. (See Volume 8,
"SCSI Interfaces" of the DOC for more information on that topic)

(It isn't a good idea to (dis)connect SCSI devices to a running machine