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Re: AN IMPORTANT MESSEGE.... Bug tracking systems

    Date: 30 Oct 89 20:42:51 GMT
    From:     rshu@ads.com (Richard Shu)

    BTW, aside from providing feedback to the originator of the bug
    report, can we consider mechanisms to provide information to 
    other members of the Symbolics community?  Here is a strawman
    proposal for such a mechanism.

    I assume that customer-reports@symbolics.com is the correct
    destination for customer submitted bug reports.  

    Item 1: Provide a way for bug reports that are submitted to
	    customer-reports to be forwarded to the SLUG mailing

These and other suggestions for bug-related tracking systems are very
welcome just now, because we are (again!) discussing the topic with
Symbolics. Features, wishes, non-acceptables ---- please provide a sense
of your daily needs as users.

Like before, Symbolics has failed to provide either a bug tracking
system, or respectful response to SLUG on the matter's status and/or
progress (the topic being outstanding for at least 3 years...).  Like
before (i.e., from SLUG-89), we have the ear and interest of Jay Wurts,
President of Symbolics, on the topic. Unlike before (I hope) we will see
some action on this dragging issue.

He and I discussed the matter late last week as the result of a
phonecall initiated by me as a result of the recent e-mail about the
topic, and Symbolics' reply, which was not a response. 

As promised last week I am reporting to you of the status and will in
future report of any progress on the matter.