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    Date: 30 Oct 89 20:42:51 GMT
    From: rshu@ads.com (Richard Shu)
    BTW, aside from providing feedback to the originator of the bug
    report, can we consider mechanisms to provide information to 
    other members of the Symbolics community?  Here is a strawman
    proposal for such a mechanism.

    I assume that customer-reports@symbolics.com is the correct
    destination for customer submitted bug reports.  

    Item 1: Provide a way for bug reports that are submitted to
	    customer-reports to be forwarded to the SLUG mailing
	    list.  This can be done automatically via hacking
	    mail aliases.  Alternatively, Symbolics may wish to
	    exercise some control by forwarding bug reports only
	    when they have been acknowledged as being "real" bugs.

    Item 2: Status reports on bug resolution should be cc'ed to
	    the SLUG mailing list.  In keeping with the spirit
	    of my previous posting, bug fixes need not be made
	    available to the SLUG mailing list but the availability
	    of the fix should be made known.  It is then up to
	    interested parties to negotiate with Symbolics for
	    the fix.  

Wow, this is an excellent sales tool for Symbolics.  They can use this
to show people why they should buy software support.  Currently the
value is not obvious to the uninformed observer (my boss).

            At the very least, interested parties will
	    know how long they can expect to wait for a fix.



    (responsible-p ADS message)