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Re: Bug reports: my 2 cents

In article <8911020503.AA19877@atr-la.atr.co.jp> 
kddlab!atr-la.atr.co.jp!myers@UUNET.UU.NET (John K. Myers) writes:
>I am not interested in seeing 500 bug reports a month on the SLUG bboard.
>I would recommend one of: 
>a) a separate bboard for bug reports; 
>b) having a special server on the net to provide interactive documentation
>  (WELL cross-indexed, seems to be a clear hypertext/relational data-base
>  problem) 
>c) calling up Doug Lenat and his folks and have them turn
>   the CYC technology loose on the problem.  It would be a good challenge.

By God, he's right.  I didn't grok the implications of Johanna's reply about 
500 bug reports a month.  If we get Symbolics to cooperate, we *should* set up
a separate mailing list.  Actually, multiple mailing lists [one for Genera(l)
bugs and one for each of the layered products] might be useful.  That way
people who have Joshua but not Concordia can get the info they need without 
having to wade through irrelevant bug reports.  And those deprived souls
(such as myself) that don't have any layered products won't have to look
at any bug reports from the more fortunate users.

Also, it occurs to me that we could set this all into motion without any
action from Symbolics.  What if we set up the mailing lists at SRI and
had them forward to customer-reports@symbolics?  Then, ask SLUG members
to post their bug reports to the appropriate mailing list.  Why, there
might even be kind souls out there who would be willing to moderate the
mailing lists.

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