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What is AI/CASE?

A random inquiry to selected directions:

In our pursuit for flexible and intelligent database and 
information systems for forestry, we have made several attempts to 
use Symbolics and KEE like CASE tools.  Hacking some of the most
useful CASE methods into these o-o systems is not very complicated 
(in theory).  The deserved functionalities include E-R diagrams, drawing 
organizational and functional charts, information flow diagrams 
and matrixes of all of the above.  And make everything to
generate INGRES code and maintain an object base and data 
dictionary on the VAXcluster.
Questions:  Has anybody tried this?  Does this kind of product or
a hack exist?  What is the relationship between AI and CASE now?
What are the central reference texts to AI-CASE?  

Hannu Saarenmaa, Finnish Forest Research Institute