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Re: Security Considerations for Genera 8.0

	    Finally, will we finally get some console or "login" security
    as part of Genera 8.0?

					    - David Mittman

Considering all the security holes in NFS, I'm not sure how much good it
would do you. (For those that don't know: NFS either trusts your machine or
it doesn't. If it does, you can do anything you want to any file (unless it
requires root permission); it believes you when you say what your UID/GID
is. Thus once you are able to get onto a symbolics machine (e.g. if they add
console security) you are still virtually a superuser on all NFS mountable

Now, given the UXL-400s does file access via NFS...

Me, I'd rather see this "network" security addressed than "console"
security. (Though personally, I'm pretty anti-security, the wonderful folks
here who might let me mount NFS partitions aren't :-)