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Net Masks

    Date: Mon, 6 Nov 89 15:42 PST
    From: DMittman@sarg-uranus.jpl.nasa.gov (David Mittman)


	    I have the following situation:

    INTERNET Address: 
	Uses Gateway:
	  To Gateway:
	   To FTP To:

    What is the correct INTERNET mask, and how is it
    entered into the Namespace?

You should put the following user property on your INTERNET network namespace


You will need at least three host namespace objects too.  One for the Lisp
Machine, a second for the host you're FTP'ing to and a third for the gateway
host.  Each host object needs to have correct ADDRESS attributes, and the host
namespace object for the gateway host needs the service:


Your gateway host also needs to be in the same site as your Lisp Machine host.

Doing a :Reset Network after making these changes should cause your machines
to be subnetting correctly.  You'll probably have to save new world loads for
the change to take effect at boot time on your machines.

All this covered in the Symbolics IP/TCP documentation.