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More on Security

According to my sources, the Sun folk are worried that because
their network connections between machines might be buggy and subject
to break-in, they want to rely on console security to ensure that no
unauthorized access to their Suns is made over the net.

Before I get flamed, yes they are gatewayed to the outside world, and
no, they don't seem to realize the implication that anyone in the INTERNET
community can gain network access to their machines.

Therefore, their simple equation is:

	Console Security = No Network Break-in (in Sun world)

There are many people here who are just too network-unsophisticated to
understand all the implications of being on the INTERNET.

The *only* thing that will satisfy them, it seems, is a "standard" login
prompt that allows only authorized users access to the machine. They
find the idea of locking up the keyboard somewhat silly.

For more information, the Symbolics machines that I am proposing be
added to "their" net run only IP/TCP and CHAOS protocols.

				- David Mittman

P.S. Are there any known bugs in Symbolics' IP/TCP like those in UNIX
     TCP/IP that allow network break-ins? Don't respond to this question
     on the list, please.