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    Date: Tue, 7 Nov 89 15:16:40 EST
    From: jfh@cs.brown.edu

    Does anyone know which flavors of monitors can be attatched to a 3670?
    Our monitor is rapidly decaying, but there are a couple of spares from
    3600s and 3640s in another department here, and we can borrow one. All
    we need to know is which types can fit...
    -John Hughes
    Math Dept., Brown University

Any Symbolics monitor with a Hirose console connector (the small 12-pin
connector) will work with a 3670.  The only monitor we ever built that
won't work is the old 3600 console, which has a 16-pin LEMO connector.

Console sync programs vary due to different brand monitors in the
console, so minor tweaking of the monitor deflection board may be
necessary when swapping consoles around.