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A Bug in Logging in to Secure Servers?

I believe that I have found a problem that involves logging in to a
secure server. If SLUGers agree that this is a problem, then it should
go to Symbolics.

The situation:

The server Symbolics is initialized with (1fs:initialize-secure-server0),
and ACLs are in use. When I attempt to log in to the server from another
machine on the net, I get a "user unknown on this host" error.

Further probing reveals that
 (1lmfs:check-and-err-password0 2USER CAPABILITY PASSWORD0)
requires a non-nil 2CAPABILITY0. By (1trace0 1lmfs:check-and-err-password0)
on the server, I discovered that indeed 2CAPABILITY0 is always nil, no
matter what I seem to do on the host from which I am logging in.

I could (1advise0 1lmfs:check-and-err-password0 ...) to check for null
2CAPABILITY0, but that would be cheating, no?

Any thoughts on this? Was this fixed on ECO Tape #2 (which I don't

				- David Mittman