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A Bug in Logging in to Secure Servers?

    Date: Wed, 8 Nov 89 09:28 PST
    From: DMittman@SARG-URANUS.jpl.nasa.gov (David Mittman)

    I believe that I have found a problem that involves logging in to a
    secure server. If SLUGers agree that this is a problem, then it should
    go to Symbolics.

    The situation:

    The server Symbolics is initialized with (1fs:initialize-secure-server0),
    and ACLs are in use. When I attempt to log in to the server from another
    machine on the net, I get a "user unknown on this host" error.

    Further probing reveals that
     (1lmfs:check-and-err-password0 2USER CAPABILITY PASSWORD0)
    requires a non-nil 2CAPABILITY0. 

I don't think this is true.  The keys to the hash table 1lmfs:*password-table*
0are strings; if 2CAPABILITY0 is non-nil the string is "2USER.CAPABILITY0",
otherwise the string is just "2USER0".  Try the function 1lmfs:dump-password-table
0to see the contents of your password table.

				   By (1trace0 1lmfs:check-and-err-password0)
    on the server, I discovered that indeed 2CAPABILITY0 is always nil, no
    matter what I seem to do on the host from which I am logging in.

You can type in capabilities wherever you are asked for user names by saying
"2USER.CAPABILITY0", just as above.  Of course, that probably doesn't help.

    Any thoughts on this? Was this fixed on ECO Tape #2 (which I don't

Don't think so.  Nothing has changed in this area in 7.2 since the original
distribution, as far as I can tell.