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#+imach, #-imach

    Date: Thu, 9 Nov 89 17:29:56 PST
    From: lakin@csli.Stanford.EDU (Fred Lakin)

    Works on a macivory and I assume on an XL400 and UX400S.
    is this dependable for the near term?

    However, looking at the *feature* list I see no keywords 
    to further distinguish between the three ivory-based machines.
    is there one I'm missing? (or is :IMACH only for the macivory)

Use SYS:SYSTEM-CASE, which dispatches at runtime.  You will need to do
this, since .IBIN files can be loaded on any sort of I-machine.

    And, yes, I know I probably shudn't write code that cares, but
    in the interests of speed I use TV:%DRAW-STRING-CLIPPED-INTERNAL,
    which in fact the macivory compiler recommended but which ends
    up in the cold load stream when called.