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#+imach, #-imach

    Date: Thu, 9 Nov 89 17:29:56 PST
    From: lakin@csli.Stanford.EDU (Fred Lakin)

    Works on a macivory and I assume on an XL400 and UX400S.
    is this dependable for the near term?

#+IMach, and :IMACH in *FEATURES*, will work indefinitely.  They'll be
there for any machine or board based on the Ivory chip.  (I.e., it's
there for MacIvory, XL400, and UX400S.)

    However, looking at the *feature* list I see no keywords 
    to further distinguish between the three ivory-based machines.
    is there one I'm missing? (or is :IMACH only for the macivory)

Use the SYS:SYSTEM-CASE macro to generate a runtime dispatch based on
the specific type of Ivory.  In this way, the same object will be
loadable on all types of Ivory.  If you really need to conditionalize at
compile time, you can use SYS:SYSTEM-CASE to push the appropriate
keywords onto *FEATURES*.

    And, yes, I know I probably shudn't write code that cares, but
    in the interests of speed I use TV:%DRAW-STRING-CLIPPED-INTERNAL,
    which in fact the macivory compiler recommended but which ends
    up in the cold load stream when called.

    tnx, f