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conference announcement and call for papers


The First European Conference on the Practical Application of Lisp

		Call for Papers

The First European Conference on the Practical Application of Lisp
(EUROPAL '90) is to be held from the 27th to 29th March 1990 in
Cambridge, England.  The conference is aimed at the entire Lisp
community and will provide a forum for technical exchange between
industrialists, academics, vendors and users.

The conference is being organised around a series of plenary sessions,
panel discussions, tutorials and workshops arranged to reflect two main

	The first theme focuses on Tools and Techniques.  Specific
	topics will include (but are not limited to): Lisp-based
	environments and toolkits; object-oriented programming, 
	including CLOS; high performance, parallel and concurrent 
	Lisp; and future directions for the further extension of
	the Common Lisp standard.

	The second theme is centred on Lisp-based applications with
	case studies from CAD and manufacturing, finance, law, the
	defense industry, etc.  Papers might also review applications
	techniques in simulation, graphics, knowledge-based systems
	and the integration of Lisp systems into mainstream data-
	processing.  The case studies should, wherever possible, 
	reflect applications that are now operational and in regular
	field use, making critical assessments against identifiable
	measures of success.

We invite submissions in any area relating to the Lisp programming
language.  In particular we specifically invite prospective authors to
submit papers describing effective, operational systems where both
development and delivery were undertaken with Lisp.

Due to the relatively short timescale within which this conference is
being planned, interested parties should notify their interest in
submitting a paper by sending a brief abstract on their chosen topic to
one of the following by absolutely no later than Friday 1st December

	Al Roth			Phone & Fax: +44 (0) 253-58081
	31 Bexley Avenue	     E-mail: ar@glh.co.uk
	Blackpool		         or: al@cs.qmc.ac.uk
	FY2 0TE
	United Kingdom

	Dr. Tim Rajan		      Phone: +44 (0)908-652453
	HCRL		      	        Fax: +44 (0)908-653744
	Open University		     E-mail: tm_rajan@uk.ac.ou.acs.vax  
	Milton Keynes	
	MK7 6AA
	United Kingdom

For further details of the conference and opportunities for sponsorship
please contact the Conference Organiser, David Lloyd.
Phone +44(0)306-889485; fax: +44(0)306-741293