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termcap query

I cobbled together my own termcap entry by changing the screen size of
a VT100 termcap entry so as to use the whole screen.  Then I tell the
Symbolics to emulate a VT100.  I hacked Telnet to make the meta-key
work with gnu-emacs, and I have someone else's hack for making
carriage returns work better, but my hacks were overwritten in loading
the first ECO tape.  Sigh.  Can we have source code to the ECOs?  Then
I could patch the patch to get the benefits of both my hacks and those
first Telnet patches (remember how bad Telnet was when it started
using Dynamic Windows?  I didn't even consider leaving the ECOs
unloaded so my hacks would work!)  I also did a couple of other things
to Telnet, like teach it that Ultrix is to be treated like UNIX, and
that a VT100 for UNIX should not do overstriking as the default.  Here
is my termcap entry.  If anybody wants the other stuff (i.e., if you
don't load the ECOs which make Telnet work at a reasonable speed) then
drop me a line.

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li|lispm|jhblispm|Copied from vt100 with no init, but bigger:\