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termcap query

There seems to be interest, so...

I hacked TELNET quite a bit to support gnu emacs. First, this patch
(which I got from Symbolics customer-support) makes AMBASSADOR mode work:

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Package: TELNET; Base: 10 -*-
;; fix ambassador bug.

Here is the termcap I use for AMBASSADOR mode in the telnet window.
The standout worked, but was too slow for my liking. I am on a SUN.
If aaa-48 isn't defined on your system let me know. I had a reason for
not using VT100, but I don't remember anymore.

#lsmith: added null after CR for network. (Symbolics telnet window)
ba|big-ambassador|big-ambassador|48 line ambassador with no standout:\

I also hacked (with a hatchet!) to make the mouse work. Mouse-left,
for example, sends "<meta-escape>(goto-position line col)<return>".
I define goto-position in my .emacs.

Also, funny characters like control-hyper-shift-t are sent as 
<meta-x>control-hyper-shift-t<return>. Great for making keyboard macros
and other customization. Also other misc. hacks like 
<network> :copy output history, and some nice performance improvements
(which I also got from Symbolics).

If you are interested in these hacks (including goto-position, which
helps), I think the easiest way would be to drop me a mail message (not
cc-ing the slug) and I'll mail you the patch file.

Larry Smith
Computational Logic, Inc.