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UX400S up and running in Sun 4/110 under OpenWindows

The UX400S that Symbolics was willing to allow us to try in our 4/110 is
not only working but working like a champ even under OpenWindows.  To
use OpenWindows, contact Hamon (sic?) at Symbolics for the font
translation instructions and caveats on font naming.

The local Symbolics system administrator (me), a rather poorly trained
system administrator at that, had to rebuild the other Symbolics's world
in order to give it a Chaos address; so, with that and the everyday
beaurocratic requirements of being a group supervisor in the middle of
offering an intense workshop for expert system builders, it took
intolerably long for the new machine to be christened.  But, now with
the glorious name of "Skeptic", it is ready to emerge and fulfill its
name's destiny.

Now that Symbolics can support the 4/110 (with a SCSI disk for the FEP
partition); hopefully, they'll sell lots of machines and make lots of
money and quit turning pale...