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Unnaming an LGP2 printer

We borrowed an Apple LaserWriter and used it on a sponsor's Symbolics.
The print spooler in collusion with the namespace changed the name
stored in the printer.  This is the name that prints on the top of the
"test page" when you turn it on.

The problem is that this name persists when you power cycle the
LaserWriter, and the original owner of the printer doesn't want the
new name.  Hence, I'd like to change it back to the default name.  The
catch is that it is connected to a Sun, and I am a few thousand miles
away from them.  There is no Symbolics or Macintosh nearby.  I know
how to change the name from those two machines.

So:  Is there a magic way to reset the LaserWriter hardware to its
factory state without sending it commands through a cable?  If not,
what incantations on the Sun are suggested?

 - Rick