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symbolics hardware service

	I wanted to add this story (which, in fact, is typical of the
Symbolics hardware support service Varian has received over the years)
to the ongoing discussion of this issue.

16:30 PM, THU Nov. 300: I am anticipating doing about 20 hours of work on
my lispm (single machine site) before deadlines on the following Monday
AM.   At this point bold-eagle pops into the FEP and won't reboot.

110:00 AM, FRI Dec. 10: I call Marilyn Gibbons, our hardware support person
at the Symbolics Mountain View Office.  (about 6 miles from Varian).

111:30 AM, FRI Dec. 10: Marylin arrives at Varian with a supply of boards
and intelligence.

112:30 (afternoon) FRI Dec. 10: Bold-eagle is up and running.

Believe me, if all my problems were attended to this well I would do
a lot less generalized bitching.

Joe Karnicky