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SLUG90 events

I am helping to organize SLUG90, to be held in Stanford, California from
Monday JUNE 18, 1990 through Friday JUNE 22, 1990.  I would appreciate
any suggestions, or volunteers,to take part in seminars, presentations,
or discussion groups on two related subjects:
	- 1Portability0 = running code developed on Symbolics machines in
other environments.
	- 1Distributed processing0 between Symbolics machines and other

The following are some suggestions from Richard Billington, but feel free
to extend them with the ideas that matter to1 you0.

[...begin Richard Billington...]

Delivery: These are issues in actually making stuff written on a Symbolics
available to others.  Strategy: Extending the compatability of Genera
developed code withWhat problems with using X, CLIM, and doing rpc's are
there? Hacks - do people have any specific techniques for using these
networking/porting tools that might be more generally useful.

[ ... some aspects of interest are:] (a) Symbolics strategy and
directions within that area, including what users would like to see
those be (b) what are the problems small and large which need to be
addressed, and the extent to which they are Symbolics' problems and how
much they are problems users need to work together or share solutions
for and (c) what sort of useful hacks exist or are needed or frequently
asked for.

[...end Richard Billington...]

Also, I think that one of the best events at SLUG89 was Paul Pangaro
preaching Hallefoojah.   Does anyone agree?  Will it happen again this
year? [Paul?]

Close Parenthesis,
Joe Karnicky