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Draft Agenda of SLUG/SMBX Meeting

The following is an early DRAFT agenda for the meeting between the SLUG
board (and interested and articulate peers) and Symbolics. It is an
early draft for circulation and ammendment as requested by SLUG members.
This version is made public in advance because the SLUG members are
present at the meeting to represent the needs and concerns of all users,
and to encourage discussion among users in advance of the meeting.
Please note that any errors of omission in planned attendees not here
represented are mine, and that the notations below are not yet refined.
Please respond with your comments, questions and suggestions. Thank you.

1			 Agenda for Meeting
2			  DRAFT 6 December 89

1			 SLUG and Symbolics

			    15 December 89 
			     Burlington MA
		       10:30 - 3:00 PM (nominal)

2Confirmed Attendees for SLUG: Richard Billington, Barry0 2Margolin, Paul Pangaro, Andrew
Ressler; Bill York or alternate.

Confirmed Attendees for Symbolics: Jay Wurts, Jack Slavin, Rick Karash, Howard
Cannon, Ron Beaty (also representing Education Services), Gary Roberts,
David Andre, Johanna Rothman, Reza Seddigh. [others?]

[Note: The shape of the  meeting is still under discussion, however the
proposal is to divide the day into a general/strategic/executive session,
followed by a more specific, perhaps product-oriented one. Lunch will be
brought in to conserve time, though a change of venue sometime during the
day would be important.]

Agenda Items (only informally ordered at present):

General Strategic Direction of the Company: Overall hardware and software
direction; placement of Symbolics within the industry; role of existing and
future users in Symbolics' planning.

Specific Futures for software enhancements, bug fixes and support for
Genera,0 2layered0 2products.

Specific Futures for 36xx hardware.

Strategies for Stimulating Development of Application Programs on
Symbolics0 2and for Delivery on Symbolics

Flow of Technical Information via the Sales Offices: Any direct actions taken
on this policy since last SLUG/Symbolics meeting; reasons for failure of the
approach; any means and SLUG aid to bring about improvement.

Software License Fees: the policy and cost; purpose; impact on used
hardware market; modifications to policy to encourage keeping machines in

Bug Tracker: Reasons for failure to provide to users; current effort being
expended by Symbolics; strategy for collaboration on
design, testing and deployment.

DIALnet Status: Success with installation of greater capabilities; brief
review of delays; discussion of final steps for use by all users.