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Re: How do you say "ignore"?

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	>Does anyone have a standard idiom that they use when ignoring variables
	>in a destructuring pattern in LOOP?
	>For example:
	>  (LOOP FOR (X IGNORE) IN '((A B) (C D))
	>The way this is currently written the compiler will complain:
	>For Function IGNORE-TEST
	>  While compiling (SETQ IGNORE (CAR #:TEMP)):
	>    The variable IGNORE is unknown and has been assumed SPECIAL
	  (LOOP FOR (X NIL) IN '((A B) (C D))
	does the trick.

(DEFUN Ignore-Test ()
   (LOOP for (x) in '((a b) (c d))
         collect x))
will also work.

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