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Re: Memory Leak help needed

I presume you were careful in you analysis, but i have a few questions: 

o How does your estimated 1 Mw/hr of garbage generation agree with
  garbage accumulation?  It sounds like the EGC isn't helping at all.
  This is either because something is still pointing to the garbage,
  or the parameters of the EGC aren't right for your application.

o Have you played with EGC parameters like more and bigger levels?
  From your estimate and normal settings of EGC, you should be going
  through an EGC every 20 minutes.  Anything on the screen during an
  EGC would be aged, and might never be collected if things weren't
  set up right.  But this would only account for about 1/40 Mw/hr.

o Are you sure there is no other consing going on?  It is often easy
  to overlook things like rational or double-float consing. I can send
  you code that will tell you everything that gets cons'ed if you like.

o You should turn off the output history and see if your drawing does
  any consing.  I believe thick lines cons, and i believe they are
  scaled-lines.  I have no idea where the consing is happening.

o It sounds like you could come up with a stripped down version of
  your display that we could play with, for example just generating
  triangles and lines at random positions.