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DRAFT Agenda for SLUG/SMBX Meeting of 15 December

    Date: Sun, 17 Dec 89 19:15 EST
    From: Richard Mlynarik <Mly@AI.AI.MIT.EDU>

	Date: Sun, 10 Dec 89 15:11 EST
	From: pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Paul Pangaro)

	Friends: We of the SLUG Board invite your further comments on the
	evolving Agenda for this important meeting with Symbolics. [...]

    So what happened?

Many things and surely you will give us time to prepare proper minutes.
I apologize for not having the immediate time to give a better synposis;
anything I say now will be incomplete and tantalizing. It was a good
meeting with lots of information exchanged; SLUG presented a number of
clear failures (e.g. bug tracker, flow of information from Symbolics to
users); we were given some specific encouragement (120 days for
Symbolics to provide some bug tracking capabilities, new liaison plans
for closer contact between users and local sales offices). Profitability
of the company was a refrain we heard, sometimes welcomed (that it was
true), sometimes questioned (when we want the software transfer fees
dropped --- a discussion to be returned to by mid-Jan). Other useful
topics: Consulting and Consultants; we saw (literally) a new Ivory chip
with un-announced performance improvements; 8.0; phasing out of 36-oh-oh
machines and beyond, and how it should be done; technical discussions

Our thanks to Symbolics for hosting us, and those on the SLUG side that

Stay tuned. I hope we will generate a great deal of discussion on the
net when the full details can be prepared. Thank you for your patience.