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DRAFT Agenda for SLUG/SMBX Meeting of 15 December

   In what way have they "failed to protect our investment"?  That phrase is
   usually used when referring to computers that cannot run the latest
   software (for instance, the original Macintosh is pretty obsolete, since it
   doesn't have enough memory for most current applications).  L-machines are
   still perfectly usable, and run all the current Lispm software, except
   for those that make direct use of the VMEbus or the embedding host

Unfortunately, this is not true.  If your machines are old enough, you
need HARDWARE UPGRADES to run even 7.2.  Again, for the cost of the
hardware upgrades for my old machines, not counting the software
upgrades, I can buy several workstations that will give me as good or
better performance.  So, on almost all of my Symbolics machines, I run
6.1 (Motorola kindly donated some machines with 7.2, and we run them
with that.).  They will run 6.1 until they die.  Which is probably
within another year or two, alas.