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As I understand it from the documentation, we're supposed to use
(sys:record-source-file-name <name> <class> t) to avoid redefinition
errors from the compiler.  I.e., we stuff this in when we're
redefining <name> in a different file from its first definition, and
we KNOW we're doing it, and we WANT to do it, without having to
interrupt the load process and say that we KNOW we're doing it, and we
WANT to do it.

We are supposed to do this INSTEAD OF using remprop on <name>.

However, what's NOT clear is where we're supposed to put the call to
this function.  I've been putting it immediately before the
redefinition of the function.  This does work, it removes the
offending error message.  But it replaces it with a distracting and
confusing (for anyone who doesn't know what's going on) warning that I
am defining <name> twice in the second file.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Is there a way to use this
function properly, or should I go back to breaking the rules with

Thank you,