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Advice sought

	Hi.  I have a couple of rather vague questions about an area
that I'm none too familiar with.  First a little background.
	My current project has built an experimental multiprocessor
that is linked to a Symbolics host.  We use the host to write applications
code, download, run and monitor the results.  The MX computer is not 
connected to any network or other outside devices save the Symbolics.  Well
this is fine except that only one person can use the system at a time while
there is no reason the MX couldn't work as a time-sharing system.
	So I wonder if there is some way to open communications streams
from other computers to the host and download/run programs in the MX.  For
example I am sitting at home, logged in to our VAX.  I would like to tell
the Symbolics to load the program in ELM:>jim>sys>program.lisp into the
MX and return the results to me here on the VAX.  We are connected via
an Ethernet (the Vax and Symbolics) but I don't know how to initiate
communications from the VAX side.  Obviously I would lose the abilities that
come from the Symbolics side like the debugger, dynamic windows etc. but
I just need it to run a few simple computations from already debugged
code and don't really need the bells and whistles.
	Well, I am just trying to get a feel for whats involved in doing
something like this, is it doable at all and how much work is it likely
to take.  Nobody here is really a networking guru, and even though I have
6 years experience on the Symbolics this area is not one I've ever looked
into before.  Sorry if I am being too vague, this is really more of a 
philosophical question than purely technical question.  Does anybody have
any advice for me before I spend too much time only to discover that it
cannot be done? 

					-- Jim Washburn