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MacIvory, RPC and Think C

I have  a  question  concerning  the  RPC-facility  of the
MacIvory.  I used it with Lisp as client and C as  server.
The C  compiler  is  the  one  used  in the example in the
MacIvory Programmer's Reference,  Lightspeed C  (THINK C),
version 3.01. First, I just programmed a small example and
it  went  well;  but  then  I  wanted  to  write  a   real
application.    It was necessary to create a RPC-structure
of 48 c-strings.  That was the interface between Lisp  and
C.   Unfortunateley,   the   C-programm   created  by  the
Lispmachine was  very  large.    So,  after including some
libraries and adding  a few  lines to  the C-program,  the
C-compiler wasn't  able  to  build  a code resource. "Code
resource too big".   Since it  wasn't possible  to build a
code resource with multi-segmented  projects with the  old
version of  the  compiler,  I  had  no chance to create an

Now my original problem is solved because I'll get version
4.0 of Lightspeed C, which allows building code  resources
with multi-segmented projects.

Nevertheless, here  my  question:  Is  this large overhead
necessary?  What  could  I  do  if  I  have to use earlier


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